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Sharpottle™: The Colada Cup

Sharpottle™: The Colada Cup

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The perfect travel mug for Cuban Coffee (and more).  

Sharpottle™: Is the ideal coffee/Colada Cup that will hold at least three Colada's or one American sized cup of coffee (12oz.).  While the body resembles a large Cafecito cup you will also notice the lid looks like a Moka coffee maker.  On the lid you will use either the integrated pour spout or the sip spout.  Always remember that the inside is stainless steel lined so drink with caution as the contents may be hot.  

Now the best feature is the patented base, with a simple twist it comes off so you can access about 8 Cafecito cups to share your Cuban Coffee.  In a pinch you can even use the underside of the base as a Cafecito cup.  

The logo that is currently placed on the Sharpottle is not the final version. While the travel mug can be purchased with a Colada Cup logo we anticipate offering other designs. Don't worry, you will be able to select alternate logos before shipping. We fully expect to offer flags as a design choice.

Note: This mug is being produced and should be ready to ship by August if not earlier. All the work has been done, the molds have been built, and the function has been tested. By placing an order now "YOU WILL" received a Sharpottle™, Coffee/Colada Cup.

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